R1A6 Subcompact Carbine 'Mayallie'

R1A6 'Mayallie' is a subcompact carbine firing the 7.92x30mm L71 Energy Transfer/Armour Piercing round, a pistol calibre cartridge (albeit on the heavy end of the scale) firing a soft bullet encasing a small tungsten shard designed to cause traumatic wounds to both armoured and unarmoured targets.

R1A6 'Mayallie' is designed to be cheaper, lighter, and less bulky to carry than the standard R7 service rifle - a great alternative to a rifle for non-frontline troops while being far more effective than a sidearm. This A6 example is shown with a standard 20 round magazine and fixed stock.

Created for Modern Arms for a Modern Military: 1960-1980, a series of fictional mid-late Vietnam War Era (1960s-1980s) Small Arms. Rendered using only Pimp My Gun.

View full size image here: https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/961/40522586370_96d7854ccd_o.png


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