R9A1 Automatic Rifle 'Chloe'

R9A1 'Chloe' is an Automatic Rifle/Light Support Weapon variant of the R7A1 'Chrissanthe' service rifle. Both platforms share a lower receiver and fire control group, as well as sharing the 7.27x48mm round, but the R9A1 uses a unique upper reciever, barrel, and fore-end with built in bipod and heavy barrel. New precise long range iron sights are included as standard, allowing the R9 to be effective out to 1500 yards. The standard side rail for optical sights does exist, however requires a special offset sight to allow the feed tray lid to be accessed.

The R9 system is not intended to act as a machine gun, rather a weapon not much heavier or bulkier than a rifle, but with enhanced ability to provide sustained suppressive fire. This weapon fulfils the same role as weapons such as the Browning Automatic Rifle and the RPK magazine fed machine gun. Unlike a true general purpose machine gun, the R9 does not feature a quick change barrel and is not an open bolt firearm, and as such is not intended for long periods of fully automatic fire - rather multiple short, accurate bursts. The rifle - and this is a rifle, not a machine gun - is intended to compliment a platoon's machine guns by providing highly mobile belt fed firepower, not to replace them outright.

Created for Modern Arms for a Modern Military: 1960-1980, a series of fictional mid-late Vietnam War Era (1960s-1980s) Small Arms. Rendered using only Pimp My Gun.

View full size image here: https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/902/42347484612_21fb4beaf8_o.png


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