R12A2 Precision Rifle 'Akelda'

R12A2 'Akelda' is a precision rifle designed for snipers, scouts, and other specialists. Key design criteria were for the rifle to be lightweight, to feed from detachable magazines, to feature a free floated barrel, and to operate using a manual bolt action for repeatable lockup.

Variants of this rifle system exist with barrel lengths ranging from 10", 14", and 16" to 20", 22" and 24", chosen by the sniper team based on the requirements of the specific mission. Special accurized ammunition loads are provided for each barrel length, plus subsonic loads for suppressed use. Two suppressors are available to operators of this weapons platform, a compact suppressor designed to hide all muzzle flash and provide mild sound suppression, and a much larger suppressor designed to significantly mask the rifle's report. 'Akelda' is equipped with a standard side mounted optics rail, on which a wide range of optical sighting systems be fitted - this example features a 4-16x50 precision sight.

Created for Modern Arms for a Modern Military: 1960-1980, a series of fictional mid-late Vietnam War Era (1960s-1980s) Small Arms. Rendered using only Pimp My Gun.

View full size image here: https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1773/28104754897_83b379d3e9_o.png


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