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R7A1C Paratroop and Vehicle Rifle 'Josette'

R7A1C 'Josette' is an ultra-compact carbine based on the R7A1 'Chrissanthe' side loaded combat rifle. Shortened and smoothed over to reduce as many snag points as possible, this weapon was designed for paratroopers and the crews of land and water vehicles. This example is equipped with a semi-permanent red-dot sight in place of a rear iron sight as a primary sighting system though the front sight integral to the gas block remains in place as a contingency. Alongside standard 24 round magazines, two short 12 round half height magazines are issued with this rifle, replacing one 24 round box in the soldier's loadout. Created for Modern Arms for a Modern Military: 1960-1980 , a series of fictional mid-late Vietnam War Era (1960s-1980s) Small Arms. Rendered using only Pimp My Gun. View full size image here:

R12A2 Precision Rifle 'Akelda'

R12A2 'Akelda' is a precision rifle designed for snipers, scouts, and other specialists. Key design criteria were for the rifle to be lightweight, to feed from detachable magazines, to feature a free floated barrel, and to operate using a manual bolt action for repeatable lockup. Variants of this rifle system exist with barrel lengths ranging from 10", 14", and 16" to 20", 22" and 24", chosen by the sniper team based on the requirements of the specific mission. Special accurized ammunition loads are provided for each barrel length, plus subsonic loads for suppressed use. Two suppressors are available to operators of this weapons platform, a compact suppressor designed to hide all muzzle flash and provide mild sound suppression, and a much larger suppressor designed to significantly mask the rifle's report. 'Akelda' is equipped with a standard side mounted optics rail, on which a wide range of optical sighting systems be fitted - t

R9A1 Automatic Rifle 'Chloe'

R9A1 'Chloe' is an Automatic Rifle/Light Support Weapon variant of the R7A1 'Chrissanthe' service rifle. Both platforms share a lower receiver and fire control group, as well as sharing the 7.27x48mm round, but the R9A1 uses a unique upper reciever, barrel, and fore-end with built in bipod and heavy barrel. New precise long range iron sights are included as standard, allowing the R9 to be effective out to 1500 yards. The standard side rail for optical sights does exist, however requires a special offset sight to allow the feed tray lid to be accessed. The R9 system is not intended to act as a machine gun, rather a weapon not much heavier or bulkier than a rifle, but with enhanced ability to provide sustained suppressive fire. This weapon fulfils the same role as weapons such as the Browning Automatic Rifle and the RPK magazine fed machine gun. Unlike a true general purpose machine gun, the R9 does not feature a quick change barrel and is not an open bolt firearm,

R7A1 Rifle 'Chrissanthe'

R7A1 'Chrissanthe' is a side-loaded, full-calibre, combat rifle. With a compact semi-bullpup layout, she sports a 22" barrel while being only marginally longer than an American M16A1, a rifle firing 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition, and with a shorter 20" barrel. This example of the R7A1 represents the standard infantry issue configuration, with shorter barrel upper reciever sets issued to units also. The 7.27x48mm L74 round fired by the R7 is a light rifle (or heavy intermediate) round midway between 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm NATO. Magazines for the R7 rifle are rated at 24 rounds maximum capacity, though anecdotal evidence suggests the magazine is capable of taking 25 rounds without feeding issues. Sighting systems include a fixed shrouded front post and flip up rear aperture sight set for 100 yards, as well as a range of advanced optics, attached to the gun via a quick-detach side rail system. For example, the T5-F projected dot sight on this R7 rifle allows faster

R1A6 Subcompact Carbine 'Mayallie'

R1A6 'Mayallie' is a subcompact carbine firing the 7.92x30mm L71 Energy Transfer/Armour Piercing round, a pistol calibre cartridge (albeit on the heavy end of the scale) firing a soft bullet encasing a small tungsten shard designed to cause traumatic wounds to both armoured and unarmoured targets. R1A6 'Mayallie' is designed to be cheaper, lighter, and less bulky to carry than the standard R7 service rifle - a great alternative to a rifle for non-frontline troops while being far more effective than a sidearm. This A6 example is shown with a standard 20 round magazine and fixed stock. Created for Modern Arms for a Modern Military: 1960-1980 , a series of fictional mid-late Vietnam War Era (1960s-1980s) Small Arms. Rendered using only Pimp My Gun. View full size image here:

The Status of ValkyrianThunder

I've been meaning to update this website more often, and two events have given a great excuse to do that - a planned series of blog type posts related to Plazma Burst 2, and a design series I'm working on called "Modern Arms for a Modern Military: A Series of Fictional Vietnam Era (1960s-1980s) Small Arms". Any updates to the status of the ValkyrianThunder Minecraft server will be posted here too, but don't hold too much hope. First gun's getting posted right away, and expect the first Plazma Burst Introspective in the next week . The series will be rendered fully using Pimp My Gun, and will be uploaded both here and on Flickr: